Quick Guide to Renting Vehicles

Car Hire Tips

Renting a vehicle is a faster and more convenient way of obtaining the means of transportation it is also more economical than buying a vehicle. However, if you fail to take a few things into consideration, you might find yourself in deep waters, including your car.

Here’s a few tips to avoid that:


  1. Make sure the rented vehicle fits your budget – There’s nothing wrong with renting a car that you’re longing for. It’s just wiser to buy a car that is well within your means. In order to prevent any billing hassles, pick a car that has a fee that fits your budget.
  2. Book it in Advance – Clients who book in advance always get the perks when it comes to rentals, services and making reservations. Some car rentals have limited promos that are only for the people who arrive at the premises early. More cars and more services are offered to early customers.
  3. Check for Restrictions – If you don’t check for restrictions it will increase your risk of getting fined by the rental company. You could also get yourself in to dangerous places that are banned by rental companies without even realising that you done this.
  4. Canvas for Rates – Any seasoned shopper does this. If you observe how your mother or aunt go shopping at the market or mall, you’d notice that they don’t buy their first find right away. They seek their finds first before they identify the vendor that has the lowest prices and the best products. You can apply this tactic too when it comes to renting a vehicle. You may like the vehicles and the offers of a certain company, but when you check other companies, you’d realise that the company is actually absurdly overpriced.
  5. Don’t take unnecessary insurance – Sometimes credit cards have collision and damage waiver insurance this means you won’t need an additional one from the car rental company. Check the car rental form, your credit card company and your insurance company. Make sure that there’s no redundant insurance policy. This cuts the cost of the rental and prevents unnecessary policies over the car.
  6. Check the car before and after use – The worst car rental experience is being blamed, fined and banned by the car rental company for damaging the car which was actually damaged by the previous user of the vehicle. In order to eliminate that possibility, check the car thoroughly. It’s much better if you take a picture of it so you will also have photographic evidence in case such incidents happen. After using, check again if the car is the same as when you first used it.

Car rental service is a valuable commodity, giving safety and convenience to those who are new to the area. Following a few precautions will only help you maximise the car rental experience. If you’re up for more car rental advice, you can visit the Choice Vehicle Rentals page. Having more than 25 years of expertise and experience in vehicle renting industry, you can only expect the best of rental services like car hire Sussex from us. Call our team today at 01273 819303 to help you find the rental vehicle you need.


Advantages of Fleeting Mini Buses

A mini bus is a motor vehicle that has been designed to carry people in greater numbers – it can carry more passengers than a van but less than a bus. In the UK, a minibus is a full-sized passenger carrying van with a capacity of 8 to 30 seats. Mini buses are basically used in the following varieties of purposes:

1. Public Transportation
 Airport buses, Large taxi cabs, Route Transit buses

2. Accessible Mini Buses
Para-transit Services (Hospitals, Politicians, Charities and others)

3. Private Use
Corporate Transport, Charter and Field Trip (and other Tour Related) Buses

Why lease a Mini Bus?

  • It will improve your budgeting and cash flow forecast
  • It will lower your initial outlay
  • It will improve the tax efficiency via benefits on Value Added Tax
  • It will enhance the borrowing ratio
  • It will give a fixed monthly cost under the deals of the contract
  • It will be easier to maintain the following:- Repairs
    – Legal Advice
    – Rescue and recovery
    – Uninsured losses

Choice Vehicle Rentals Mini Buses Fleet

Minibus and multi-seat hire! We hire out various multi-seat vehicles. See our 7, 9, 12, 15 and 17 seat minibus and multi-seat hire page.

FORD 9 SEATER        for       £66.50
FORD 12 SEATER      for       £66.50
FORD 15 SEATER      for       £73.00
FORD 17 SEATER      for       £99.00

The reliable and trusted Car Hire Sussex, we cover Brighton, Hove, Gatwick, Crawley, Uckfield and Eastbourne. We offer the following services:

Ford Transit Mini Bus


  • The New Ford Transit Mini Bus is comfortable and spacious
  • The two-tone instrument panel is easy to control
  • It has a lot of storage
  • It has innovative designed
  • The technology is updated
  • Its headlights and wipers turn on automatically, when needed
  • It is complete with optional satellite navigation and wireless connectivityExterior
  • It offers car-like comfort and safety for both passengers and driver
  • It delivers confident, precise handling, even at speed and with every seat occupied
  • It has strong protection
  • It offers great versatility
  • It is equipped with a digital tachograph

*Seat covers, additional remote key, livery on the sides and rear and driver and front passenger mats can be added depending on your choice.

Choose the Right Car to Hire from Choice Vehicle Rentals

Travelling can be stressful, especially if you don’t have a car or worse, if there is heavy traffic. However, you don’t have to own a car to experience the comfort of travelling with ease. With Choice Vehicle Rentals your car hire needs are easily remedied with our array of car hire vehicles at the right price.

There are three major classifications of vehicles that you should keep in mind:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • SUVs and people-movers vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

Passenger vehicles are comprised of light cars, small cars, medium cars, large cars, sports cars, hybrid cars and luxury cars.

SUVs are usually made up of small or compact, medium, large and luxury SUVs and people-movers.

Commercial vehicles include vans, 2-wheel drive or 2wd and 4-wheel drive or 4wd pick-ups and cab chassis, buses and trucks.

Offering a variety of small and medium car hire options, Choice Vehicle Rentals also have large and estate cars, automatic cars, vans, multi-seaters and lorry trucks.

Below are the descriptions of each vehicle to help you choose the right kind of vehicle rental for your needs:

  • Small cars – also known as compact cars, these are usually the smallest cars of all passenger type cars. Small cars can seat five people and are the most popular vehicle choice for a passenger car.
  • Medium cars – hatchback in type, these cars offer a comfortable five-seat option.
  • Large cars – more powerful than small cars with higher-grade cylinder engines, these vehicles are not only able to seat five people, they also come with a large boot for better storage.
  • Estate cars – like sedan or saloon cars in style.
  • Automatic cars – utilising automatic transmission, this type of car will automatically change gear ratios as the car moves. This kind of mechanism allows you to drive comfortably without shifting gears manually.
  • Vans – almost resembling estate cars in style, vans are like minibuses with large interior spaces used for hauling cargo rather than people. With plenty of variables to choose from, you can choose the van depending on your needs. You may want to start with our large vans and transit vans.
  • Multi-seaters – are able to seat 1-7 people, depending on your requirements.
  • Trucks – we also offer pickup trucks and even a 7.5 Ton Lorry’s with Tailifts in compliance with London’s Low Emission Zone.

With over 25 years of experience in the hiring business, you can expect nothing but the best of car hire Sussex. For all enquiries please call 01273 819303 and we will be happy to help you find the vehicle you need. Learn more about our car hire services here.

Choice Vehicle Rentals

choice vehicle rentals

In order for you to have a regret-free purchase or avail of a service, settle for your own choice. That’s why Choice Vehicle Rentals gives the power to choose in your hands.

Choice Vehicle Rentals has a variety of both automatic and manual cars, trucks, vans, pick up, MPVs, mini buses, tippers and drop sides available for your short term, long term, contract, or non-fault accident hiring needs. Choice Vehicle Rentals provides exceptionable service by providing customers the absolute car match with the most reasonable prices plus genuine packages for their needs. We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and we have a bank of loyal customers because of our justifiable terms and conditions. In fact, because of our beloved customers, we have acquired 14 new 5 door Vauxhall Corsa’s with Air Conditioning last April.

Depending on your needs or preferences, we can let you rent the most comfortable MPV, car or van for your out of town drive; we provide multiseater minibuses ranging from 7 to 17 seaters for the whole family’s or your office’s vacation; we let you hire durable pick-ups as you move to your new pad and even trucks for your company’s deliveries. As long as you are 21 – 70 years old, or at some instances we allow 75, and you have acquired your licence for more than 2 years, we can let you rent our dear vehicles.

Car Hire Sussex

Choice Vehicle Rentals is based in East Sussex. We provide car hire in Brighton, Hove, Gatwick, Crawley, Uckfield and Eastbourne. Because we care about our customers, we offer a free ride from Gatwick Airport to our Gatwick branch. However, if you want a car hire directly to your hotel or home, we’ll be very happy to let you rent the vehicle of your choice.

Some Reasonable Terms and Conditions

One of the advantages of availing the services of Choice Vehicle Rentals is the free cancellation of car hire. The company is considerate enough to understand that we encounter circumstances that may lead us to cancel our plans. However, Choice Vehicle Rental also wants to receive the same consideration from their clients by informing them as soon as possible about the cancellation of the rental. On the other hand, if you want to extend your rental, you can call Choice Vehicle Rentals anytime at 01323 52035.

Another condition is the mileage limit of 250 miles per day for availing services for 1 to 3 days. 10p per mile will be charged upon exceeding the 250 miles agreed upon requirement. However, there will be more benefits for those who rented our vehicles for 4 days and above because they are granted with unlimited mileage.

For more information about Choice Vehicle Rentals’ terms and conditions, kindly visit the FAQ section on their website. See you on your next road trip!


The 10-Minute Vehicle Rental Check

You might have done it once in your life – you eagerly hopped into your rental vehicle, started it up and without further ado hit the streets, only to find that you couldn’t find the knobs and controls you needed. It’s a disaster if it causes you to stop in the middle of the road and inconvenience everyone else tailing you. To help avoid these problems, here’s a 10-minute checklist to make sure that your rented vehicle is good to go.

Check for any signs of scratches or tears. If the scratches and tears are already there, make sure that you take note so you won’t be held responsible for the damage. Take pictures if you need to.

Start the car. The prime reason for test driving your car rental is to make sure that it works once it is revved up. Make sure that the car warms up well and be attentive to strange noises. It will also help to check how the car runs and how it feels as you drive it.

Check the heater and air conditioning. Depending on the weather, you might want to make sure that the heater and air conditioning are working properly.

Check for a GPS. If the car is equipped with GPS, then you’d better set it early.

Check your mirrors. Adjust your side mirrors to make it easier to see the cars behind you as you hit the road. This will ensure that you are able to drive safely.

Check the controls. Whether it’s the windows, the windscreen wipers, the lights, the radio or anything else inside the car, make sure that you take the time to familiarise yourself with the corresponding switches or levers.

Check the fuel latch. It’s a matter of saving you the embarrassment when you go to fill her up. Locate the fuel latch when checking the vehicle so it’ll be easier to locate when you need to refuel.

Check the emergency brake. This is one of the most important safety checks you have to perform. Make sure that the emergency brake works well before you leave the vehicle rental shop.

Do a quick, circuitous drive. This is just like a drill. Check whether you remember where all the controls and all the required buttons are positioned. If you get a smooth drive and you arrived back safely, then you’re ready to drive your rental car on the road.

Just remember that if a problem arises, you should immediately talk to a vehicle rental representative. Contact us at Choice Vehicle Rentals for any travel arrangements that you might have around Europe. With car rental Brighton, van hire Crawley and car hire Sussex being just some of the services we offer to our clients, for more information on our short term and long term car hire services, please contact 01323 520353 or drop by our office at 46b Brampton Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Image Credits: Clker

Renting Delivery Vans for your New Business

If you have just started a small company or business that depends on deliveries in Sussex, you should first consider hiring mini trucks or vans. Although many larger companies rely on their own delivery fleet, it is more advisable for a new business to hire vehicles to save on expenses.

Maximise Capital

Renting vans for your new business’ mobility will help you save on capital. Starting a business is a risk – either you will gain or lose money. It is important that you minimise your expenses at the onset as an assurance that your profits out-way your expenditure.

Short Term Dues

Brighton van hire simply requires payment for the duration of the loan of the vehicle, with an assurance that you can stop the lease at any time, affording you better control over your company finances. Whether your business prospers or not, rental vehicles during the pilot months of your business can help you to avoid great losses and debts.

Flexible Time of Usage

You may have a request for delivery today and then next week, there’s no call for your delivery services at all. Experience less worry during the first few months or even years of your business and rent your delivery fleet with our flexible agreement.

Save on Maintenance

Having your own delivery vehicle is like having your own car. Vehicles should be maintained and that will inevitably put further pressure on your finances. The big difference between renting and buying: you can save time, effort and money on vehicle maintenance when you rely on rental vehicles.

To maximise your savings, rent a van for your new business’ deliveries at Choice Vehicle Rentals, with an assurance that the rental fee for all our cars, vans and minibuses is affordable. Contact Us for more details.

Customer-Friendly Terms from Choice Vehicle Rentals

Small businesses that include deliveries and transport in their services often rely on quality rental services that don’t sacrifice their budget. Together with the other expenses, vehicle rental may turn out to be costly if it hasn’t been given careful consideration.

Always check the terms of a vehicle rental company before making your choice. Be certain of what the agreement includes to avoid conflicts with the vehicle hire company at a later date. There are numerous vehicle rental companies that offer deals but none of them compare to Choice Vehicle Rentals.

Choice Vehicle Rentals know the importance of keeping within budget, especially for businesses. We offer flexible and customer-friendly vehicle hire terms. Our customers have come to rely on our services because they have come to respect our vehicle hire terms. Choice Vehicle Rentals prioritise the needs of the customer above all else and with this in mind, we guarantee a reliable and dependable service, which affords good value for money to all of our customers.

Choice Vehicle Rentals accepts cancellations, understanding that there may be times where cutbacks in expenses are necessary in order to balance the books and keep a business going. With no additional charges, Choice Vehicle Rentals do not want add to the financial burden in leaner times.

We understand that the need to hire vehicles for your businesses is generally down to a tight budget. We don’t charge any immediate fee, preferring to give our customers flexible payment terms that fit in with their business. Choice Vehicle Rental focus on giving the customer the hire service they need to allay financial strife.

For those looking for a vehicle rental service that offers flexible and negotiable terms, look no further than Choice Vehicle Rentals. Offering car and van hire Brighton, Crawley and other places around Sussex, get the best vehicle hire services, with practical and flexible terms, from Choice Vehicle Rentals. Together, we can drive your business to success.