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Tips on How to Get the Best Deals on Vehicle Rentals

vehicle hire deals

Money wise, renting a car is a more practical choice, especially if you only need a car occasionally. It’s even better if you can secure the best vehicle rental deals and save even more cash. Though it might seem that the best car rental deals are a rare find, the following tips you are about to read might increase your chances of getting a good deal.

Shop online. The Internet has become a convenient source for finding everything you need from general information to online shopping. Car rental companies that operate using the web usually offer better car deals because it’s much cheaper to transact business using an online platform. So shop, shop and shop some more. One way or another, you’re going to land on that one vehicle rental site offering car rental deal to beat all car rental deals.

Look for discounts. In the same way that hotels, national clubs and any other similar companies offer discounts, there are also discounts for vehicle rental. Don’t miss your chance to save a few quid. If the car rental company of choice is offering discounts, you’re in luck. Grab the discount and enjoy the rental car of choice at a cut price.

Time your reservations. There is one golden rule that vehicle rental companies adhere to: time is money. By securing an early reservation you will be afforded better car deals, at lower prices. Just think about it: booking a car during peak season will see you paying inflated rates. So, time your reservation. Book ahead and negotiate your prices.

Consider the time you need the car for. Most people prefer to rent a vehicle for a matter of two to three days. The thing is, you might be able to get better and cheaper car deals if you extend the agreement to a week or longer. Weekly rates on rented vehicles tend to be much cheaper compared to renting over three to five days.

Don’t always look at the brand. Well-known brand names always have a glamorous ring to them. However, brand names shouldn’t matter when you’re renting a car. Instead of being prejudiced towards lesser known cars, we suggest that you give them a try. Who knows? You might be able to get a better deal with a lesser known car brand, without falling short on quality and comfort.

The team at Choice Vehicle Rentals understands the need to land an affordable vehicle rental deal. Take one of our services like van hire Eastbourne as an example and we will prove that we provide some of the best vehicle rental deals.

Need more information? Talk to us on 01323 520353 or drop by one of our offices for a visit.

Car Rental Reminders Brought To You by Google Voice Search

google search

This is no longer any need to worry about remembering when your car rental reservation date is, the time you should pick it up and even the return drop off date. Google Voice Search added a car rental reminder to its list of functions a couple of months ago. Your booking number is also included in the reminder, so there is no need to worry if you are unable to print out your receipt online.

How It Works

All you need is your Gmail account and the Google Voice Search can check your car rental details. Simply ask “when is my rental car reservation” or “when is my rental car drop off date” and Google search will present Google Now to crawl your rental information. This impressive feature works by showing the rental details from the confirmation e-mails that Google sends to your Gmail account. The account should be connected to Google Now for this to function to work. If not, Google will simply come up with the usual search results.

The Advantage to Vehicle Rental Companies

This new feature is very beneficial to vehicle rental companies because they no longer have to remind clients regarding pick up, drop off and even payment schedule details. It can help them save a lot of time and could also turn simple reservations into real and availed rentals. It can also help to gain custom, as this feature provides a hassle free alternative for people who want to rent vehicles.

The Advantage to People Availing Car Hire Sussex

Of course, there are a lot more perks with this new Google feature for people who opt to rent vehicles. All your car rental details are readily available by simply repeating the “magic” words. Armed with an Internet connection, Google accounts and the reservation details you are all set to use this wonderful innovation.

Do you want to experience this impressive Google feature? Avail car hire from Choice Vehicle Rental now and let Google remind you about your car rental pick up date and drop off date. Book your rental vehicle now!

Beware of Extra Car Hire Fees

extra car hire fees

Convenient, affordable and fairly easy to book, car hire relieves you of the expensive costs that owning a car entails. On the other hand, car hire may not seem so attractive if you are faced with extra fees. Here are some car rental fees that you should be aware of:

Early return fees – most car hire services today usually follow a certain term. Depending on the agreement, you may hire the vehicle of your choice by the day and up to a week. Changing the rental term by returning the car earlier than you arranged may be charged at an additional fee.

Late return fees – in the same way, you can also be charged for returning the vehicle later than the time agreed. Some car hire companies offer a grace period for the late return or their cars. On the other hand, you may wish to renew your rental terms to avoid extra fees that may work out to be more expensive.

Cancellation fees – there are a lot of car hire services in the UK today and you can easily book one online. However, you might want to change your mind and cancel your booking at the last minute. In this scenario, you may be charged a cancellation fee and be refunded the rest of the deposit that you have already paid.

Additional authorised driver fees – Some rental companies charge an additional fee if you wish to authorise more than one driver to use the car. Talk to your car rental agent firsthand and ask whether there’ll be an extra charge should the car be driven by someone else.

Lost key fee – should you lose your rental car keys, you will be obligated to either replace them or to pay for their replacement. Beware, the “smarter” your rental keys, the more expensive they will be.

All in all, you should be aware that not all car rental companies are charging fees for early-or-late returns, cancellations or additional authorised drivers. Choice Vehicle Rentals offers van hire Eastbourne services and other car hire services all around the UK. We don’t charge any cancellation fees. Contact us if you want to travel around the UK and you would like to make use of our car, van or a multi-seater bus hire services.

Rent a Vehicle from Choice Vehicle Rentals

choice vehicle rentals

Buying a car is not always a cost effective option, especially if you’re only involved in minimal travelling. Owning a vehicle can be taxing with its costly maintenance and you might feel restricted with a small car when you need a small van or vice versa. In these circumstances, vehicle renting or car hiring becomes a more practical solution.

So why choose Choice Vehicle Rentals?

You may think that a lot of vehicle renting companies are out there providing the same services. Equally, you might find it confusing especially if you’re sceptical about hiring our services. For these reasons, we have put together some of the reasons why you should hire a vehicle from us, be it a car, a van or otherwise.

We have built our reputation over twenty five years.

If you can’t trust us at face value to give you the best travelling services, then hopefully our length of service will speak for itself. Serving the public on a daily basis, we have been providing vehicle rental solutions for over 25 years and have built our reputation on reliability, efficiency and second to none customer service.

We have a modern and well maintained fleet.

We only believe in providing the best for our customers that’s why we have several fleets available to meet your travelling needs. We can easily provide you with small cars, estate cars, mini buses, pickup trucks, transit vans and large vans depending on your requirements. E.g. If you’re intending to visit Brighton and you need a larger space than a car would provide, our Brighton Van Hire service is the best option for you.  To be more specific, here are the vehicle rentals that we offer:

  • Small car hire
  • Medium car hire
  • Large and estate car rentals
  • Automatic car hire
  • Van and large van hire
  • Multi seaters, from 7 to 17 seats
  • 7.5 Ton Lorry’s with tailifts, all compliant with London Low Emission Zone

We offer competitive vehicle renting rates.

A lot of vehicle rental companies offer competitive prices. Rest assured all our vehicles are available to hire at affordable prices. Whether you need a pickup car to the airport or a removal van when you move house or office, we can guarantee the perfect vehicle to suit your budget anywhere in the UK.

We provide flexible vehicle hire terms for your different needs.

Being in the business for 25 years has given us a firm understanding of customer needs for flexible vehicle hire terms. With each vehicle hire being different, we provide flexible terms to ensure a smooth and easy booking process.

An established reputation, various fleet options available for renting, affordable rates and flexible vehicle rental terms… what more could you ask for from a good vehicle hire company like us?

Contact us today and experience our quality vehicle rental service.