Rent Vauxhall Corsa Cars

vauxhall corsa

The current generation of Corsa cars was first launched in 2006 and since then, it has remained a firm favourite with the UK market. Just recently, Choice Vehicle Rentals added the 14 Reg Vauxhall Corsa cars to its fleet.

Wonder why the Corsa’s popularity is on the rise?

  • It is offered in petrol and diesel engines options

Corsa cars are offered in various petrol and diesel engines, which makes them versatile. There is the 1.3L CDi, 1.6T SRI and many more. The Corsa’s engine ranges from 1.0L up to a powerful 1.8L and can be offered with fuel injection systems. Moreover, the new Corsa’s ECOFlex engine is designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Whether for motorway, urban or mountain driving, the Corsa delivers comfort, safety and efficiency.

  • Excellent fuel economy

Based on the reviews in the UK, the Corsa has a very low running cost. It averages at almost 50mpg, which is excellent considering that the newer model hybrid cars average at around 30 to 40mpg.

  • It is practical to use

Practicality is the Corsa’s middle name. For a super-mini class car, it is very spacious. It has 285 litres of boot space and has a boot capacity of over 1,000 litres with the back seats folded down. There is also a decent amount of head and leg room for passengers.

  • It is easy to drive

The Vauxhall Corsa offers a comfortable driving position, has a light control and compact dimension. Its drivability makes it ideal as an instructor car for beginners. Some of the distinct features that make it drivable are;

  • It has adjustable wheels and seats which allows the perfect seating position.
  • The controls are all weighted and are easy to use.
  • The visibility out of the rear and side windows makes it easy to park.
  • It moves through the gears smoothly.
  • It has plenty of power and has good handling, even during wet conditions.
  • It is reliable

There is no need to worry about the Corsa breaking down in the middle of the road .To support this information there are only very minimal reports of breakdowns across the country. On top of that, Choice Vehicle Rental cars are regularly maintained. We ensure that our cars are always in perfect working condition.

If you want to try out the Vauxhall Corsa, then it is available for rental at Choice Vehicle Rentals. You can rent it at an affordable price, with only a few requirements. If you are living in or near Sussex, our car hire Sussex services are perfect for you. Visit our website or contact us on 01273 819303 for additional details.


Moving? – Don’t Do It Yourself!

Van for Hire

Moving house can be most stressful, especially if you intend to do everything yourself – including the relocation of your belongings. If you are moving to a totally different city, moving by yourself is not possible, especially if you are a family. Another big problem – obviously, is if you do not have the necessary means of transportation.

Choice Vehicle Rentals has some useful advice for you.

Hire a Vehicle from a Car Rental Company

Why? — Less worry, less delays and less hassle! For a car rental experience that is stress free, do this:

Book early – the earlier, the better!

This is to avoid unwanted situations like fully booked vans on the weekends or holidays. There may also be some instances that your preferred vehicle will not be available. Lack of availability is surely one of the main concerns.

Choose the right vehicle

Since you are relocating, hire a van that is big enough to carry all your things. However, the bigger the vehicle, the more expensive it gets. Try and get something that will get the job done in one single trip, in just one rental vehicle.

Don’t Lift Everything Yourself!

Get help! Reach out to friends, extended family or significant others. While moving implies starting out anew, ask for help when moving your belongings. If no one is willing to move heavy items, the least they can do is help you to pack things well. Other than saving you from muscle cramps, they could save your things from being accidentally dropped or scraped on walls.

Which Car Hire Company to choose?

Now that you have finally decided to rent a car for your move, remember Choice Vehicle Rentals is the equivalent to a ‘Problem Solved’! The leading car hire company in the UK has the best choice of vehicles, for all your needs and at the right price. The company is situated throughout Southern England, with car hire Sussex, Brighton, Hove, Gatwick, Crawley, Uckfield and Eastbourne. What are you waiting for? Contact us now on 01323 520353.

Ford Transit Luton Van: An Ideal House Mover

Ford Transit Luton Van

The Ford Transit Luton van is a classic and an ideal mover of household furniture and other heavy appliances.

What is a Luton Body Type of Van?

A Luton body type of van is a kind of commercial vehicle integrating an enclosed large box body fitted on the back, that extends over the cab. Today, a Luton body type of van can be assembled and tailored to the chassis of other models, like the Ford Transit.

Why is a Ford Transit Luton Van ideal for house movers?

The size and the loading capacity is the one of the most important things to consider when choosing a vehicle to move house.

The Ford Transit Luton Van is excellent for bulky objects such as furniture, large boxes and heavy equipment that is often associated with relocating to a new home.

It is a larger type of van that has a greater load space compared to a pick-up truck. Despite the fact that a pick-up truck is commonly used in moving household items, the size and the loading capacity of a Luton van is obviously greater than a pick-up truck.

Luton Van Single Cab Pick-up Truck Double Cab Pick-up Truck
Payload 1050 kg 1031 kg 913 kg
Size (internal length) 3.93 metres 3.20 metres 2.85 metres

Based on these statistics, we can see that the Luton van is larger in size and has a greater loading capacity.

In comparison with an extra-long wheel base van, you’ll see that a Luton van still has more space to offer. In the table below, you’ll see the differences between a Luton van and an extra-long wheel base van, in terms of dimensions.

Luton Van Extra-long Wheel Base Van
External Height 3.30 metres 2.55 metres
External Length 6.70 metres 6.55 metres
Internal Height 2.18 metres 1.85 metres
Internal Width 1.95 metres 1.75 metres
Internal length 3.93 metres 4.00 metres

Though they don’t always provide as much internal length as an extra-long wheel base van, they offer greater width and height.

The entire load compartment is typically above the wheels of the rear part of the vehicle. Thus, the rear wheel arches do not hinder during the loading process.

Other Features

Some of the other features of a Luton van include the following:

  • Slam shut lockable uPVC slat shutter – wide slat shutter gives maximum internal headroom
  • Internal emergency door release – allows rear shutter to be raised if inadvertently locked from the outside
  • Full height internal access grab handle – can be used as a support while stepping on the rear step
  • Internal side wall mounted load restrain rails – include load anchourage points located in the lower rail
  • Full width aluminium rear step – provides a wider space to step, while loading or unloading

Where to hire a Ford Transit Luton Van?

The Ford Transit Luton Van is one of the newest van rental arrivals at Choice Vehicle Rentals. You are assured of the best van hire Brighton, van hire Sussex and many more. Choice Vehicle Rentals has a variety of vehicles, large and small, for your vehicle hiring convenience. Call us today, we will be happy to talk to you!

Hiring a Moving Truck

The most common challenge people face when transferring homes is that old and familiar ‘moving your belongings’ part. Relying on the services of a moving company is definitely a much safer option. However, it tends to be pricey.

One of the most typical house moving procedures these days is to rent a van and do the move yourself. Renting a van is considered to be one of the most convenient ways to move all your belongings from A to B. Here is a list of some of the reasons why it makes sense to avoid removal companies:

There is no need to make an appointment

This means that you won’t have to worry about scheduling the relocation and you can work in your own time. Plus, it will relieve the stress of managing the removal company operatives. Moreover, instead of hiring a company to do the job, you can employ the people whom you trust to help you with the move. You can even make the moving part fun by having a house moving party.

Renting a Truck is a whole lot cheaper

 cvr 1

Yes, there are a lot of moving firms out there and they do their job well. However, they tend to be very expensive — this will incur extra charges for transport containers, extra manpower, etc. Thus, you will never know the actual cost of the moving process until you see the bill at the end. Alternatively, you can rent a truck and pay the price in full. Although you will have to pay for fuel and sometimes for mileage on top, all in all the entire cost is a lot less.

If you are planning to do the move yourself, then you need to find a vehicle rental company. The good thing is, there are a lot of vehicle rental companies across the country, and a reputable example is “Choice Vehicle Rental”. They offer car hire Sussex, Eastbourne, Gatwick and throughout the UK. Their rates are affordable and flexible. Contact Choice Vehicle Rentals, today and save yourself a packet!

Common Types of Trucks Used for Transporting

Common Types of Trucks Used for Transporting

Trucks and Lorries are made for the specific purpose of transporting heavy materials. They need to be heavy duty, reliable and fuel efficient. Let`s look at a few common variations, according to their unique capabilities.

Dump Truck/Tipper Lorry

Dump Truck/Tipper Lorry

A dump truck or tipper lorry (UK) is usually used by construction companies for transporting large amounts of loose materials like sand and gravel. A normal type of tipper lorry has an open-box bed that is hinged at the back and includes a hydraulic motor to lift the front. This enables the truck to dump or tip its contents in a designated area.

Flatbed Truck/Lorry

 Flatbed Truck/Lorry

As the name implies, a flatbed truck/lorry has an entirely flat body bed, with no cover on the top or at the sides. It is the most versatile kind of truck because it can carry most load types. It is usually used to transport big and heavy materials that are not susceptible to rainfall. It is also recommended for loads which require a wider area that other body type trucks cannot handle.

Double Cab Truck

Double Cab Truck

A Double Cab Truck is a type of pick-up truck that contains a second row of seats. It is capable of accommodating up to 4 passengers, plus the driver. It also has an open pick up space behind the passenger cab. This type of truck offers a practical solution for moving household items because the double cab truck doesn’t only transport the furniture and appliances, it also offers a ride to people who are shifting residence at the same time.

If you are looking to rent a truck/lorry, look no further than Choice Vehicle Rentals. Offering car hire Sussex, van hire Brighton services and many more, visit our Facebook page for updates or call 01273 819303 to check for availability.