Eastbourne Getaway with Choice Vehicle Rentals

Your experience in Eastbourne will be more exciting if you explore with the help of car hire Eastbourne services. Your rental vehicle won’t only make travelling more comfortable, you will also have the chance to visit as many places as you can in a short period of time. Here are some of the places in Eastbourne that shouldn’t be missed:

Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Pier

Location: Grand Parade, Eastbourne

Eastbourne Pier is of a breath taking Victorian architecture and was built in 1870. It offers a wonderful view of the town, as well as the English Channel. If you continue your drive from this landmark, you will see various recreational spots such as an amusement arcade and novelty and souvenir shops.

Carpet Garden

Carpet Garden

Location: Seafront, Eastbourne

Carpet Garden is the centrepiece of Eastbourne’s Promenade. It is the perfect sanctuary for nature lovers. It promotes a mix of traditional bedding and innovative tropical style planting between the Western Lawns and the Eastbourne Pier. You will also find shrubs from all over the world, including Mexico and New Zealand, in this much-visited destination.

Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway

Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway

Location: Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne

This railway adventure in Eastbourne is perfect for the young and the young at heart. You can experience travelling behind the famous 1/8 scale miniature locomotives as they meander for nearly a mile around the beautiful country park. Aside from the railway adventure, there is also a nature walk, an adventure playground and café and a gift shop within the area.

Eastbourne Redoubt

Eastbourne Redoubt

Location: Royal Parade, Eastbourne

Eastbourne Redoubt is a circular coastal defence fort built in 1805. It was part of the British anti-invasion preparations during the Napoleonic Wars. The redoubt is now open to the public and is perfect for people who are into history. Visitors will be able to see the original artefacts from the 1702 Spanish War of Succession, right up to the North African campaign of 1942.

Beachy Head

Beachy Head

Location: Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Beachy Head is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, which rises up to 162 metres (531ft.) above sea level. The peak allows views of the south-east coast from Dungeness in the east, to Selsey Bill in the west. French Normans call it “beau-chef”, meaning beautiful head, due to its striking snow-white image. The 141 ft. high red and white striped Lighthouse at the foot of the cliff is another must-see. It was built in 1832 and now offers stunning views and accommodation.

Eastbourne has so much to offer. If you only have a few days to explore this town, it is best for you to hire a vehicle from Choice Vehicle Rentals. They offer a wide variety of vehicles for hire such as vans, mini bus, estate cars, etc. Please call 01273-819-303 for more information. Enjoy your holiday!


Tips to Prevent Paying Additional Car Hire Charges

Here are some tips to prevent paying additional car hire charges:

  •  Do not allow an unauthorised person to use the rental car.

no driving

Usually, the hirer and/or the driver who signed the car hire papers are the only authorised persons to drive the rental car. Any person who has not been permitted by the lessor in the car hire agreement should not drive the rental car. In addition, the rental car should not be used for racing, speed testing, pace making or any illegal activities that violate legislation. Although car hire companies offer insurance, damages due to accidents that are caused by people other than the registered hirer/driver won’t be covered by the policy.

  • As much as possible, avoid bringing your pets.

dog sitting in the car

There are car rental companies that do not permit pets inside their cars. Other companies charge additional pet fees to cover any possible damage to the vehicle. Pets can also leave an unpleasant smell that is almost impossible to eradicate, which can make the car hire experience an unpleasant one for those people without pets.

  • Do not smoke inside the rental car.

smoking in the car

Most vehicle rental companies forbid smoking in their rental vehicles, while other companies charge additional cleaning fees to remove all traces of cigarettes or tobacco. Some people think that air fresheners can cover up the unpleasant odour of cigarette smoke but the truth is, once you remove the air freshener from the car, you can still smell the cigarette. If smoking is a part of your lifestyle, please refrain from smoking inside the rental vehicle to avoid costly fees.

Aside from avoiding additional car hire charges, you should always keep in mind that other people will want to use the vehicle after you. Therefore, you should always return the vehicle in as good a state as when you hired it.

Are you planning to hire a car? Choice Vehicle Rentals is a car rental company that offers car hire Sussex services that come with reasonable terms and conditions. Please visit our website or contact us on 01273 819303 to learn more.

Road Tips for Car Rental Drivers at Gatwick


Are you planning to use car rental Gatwick services for convenient transportation? Here are some Gatwick road driving tips that you should follow to avoid vehicular accidents or collision:

Before and after moving the car


  • Make sure that the road is clear before actually moving out.
  • Using the signal lights could help, especially at night.
  • Once you have moved, make sure you stay in the left lane, except if you are planning to overtake or cross the road.
  • Take full control of the car. If possible, use both hands on the wheel.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. You should be aware of other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists on the road to avoid accidents.
  • Selecting a lower gear on long downhill slopes will help you control your speed and the car better.

In road junctions

  • You must watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists as they may not be aware that you are approaching from behind.
  • Take note that long vehicles that are about to turn at a junction could use the whole width of the road in order to make the turn. Try to maintain a safe distance.
  • For junctions with a “stop” sign or a solid white line across the road, the driver must remember to stop and wait for a safe gap in the traffic before moving off.

At roundabouts

  • Be mindful of the traffic signs, traffic lights and lane markings for these will lead you into the correct lane. They will also help you to know which exit to take.
  • Use signal lights to avoid causing confusion to other road users when approaching the exit. Do not swerve.
  • Upon reaching the roundabout, you must give priority to the traffic approaching from your right.

It is always important to practice safe driving, not just for your own safety but for other drivers as well.

If you are in the Gatwick area and are looking for car rental services, you may contact Choice Vehicle Rentals on 01293 825149. They offer various types of vehicles for rent such as estate cars, vans, minibuses, etc.

Guidelines for Hiring a Vehicle at Gatwick Airport


Some travellers, especially those who are from overseas, are not knowledgeable about Gatwick Airport car hire. This article can serve as your guide to avoiding any form of hassle when hiring a vehicle at Gatwick Airport.

  • Search for car hire companies online

Numerous companies offer Gatwick Airport car hire. Most of them have their own websites that provides details and step by step procedures on how to book the vehicle that you want online. You will also be able to browse the available cars along with their prices and the payment methods that they accommodate.

  • Be honest with your prospective car hire company

Once you have chosen a car hire company, give them all the details and information that they need for the contract or for the papers. Some companies have age limits or others require extra charges for drivers who are under 25. They will also require certain documents from you, such as your driver’s license and other forms of ID. If you are from overseas, some companies require an international driving licence and passport.

  • Choose the car that will suit your needs and preferences

You can choose from a wide variety of cars for hire at Gatwick Airport. Choice Vehicle Rentals, a company that offers Gatwick car hire, provides different types of estate cars, vans, minibuses, etc. Consider the number and size of your luggage/s when choosing a vehicle to hire. If you are travelling with your family or friends, it is best to hire a van or minibus.

  • Check the terms and conditions

Make sure that you have understood the terms and conditions of the car hire company. This will inform you about the charges, the fuel and mileage limit, responsibilities of the driver and the restrictions and rules regarding the vehicle. Furthermore, some companies pass on airport surcharges to their customers as they are being charged by the airport for using their facilities.

  • Inspect the car for possible damage

If you will collect the vehicle from Gatwick Airport, take a couple of minutes to inspect the vehicle for any possible damage. In case any damage is found, report it right away to the car hire company for documentation. You may also get a signature from the car hire company in Gatwick Airport for verification.

Aside from these things, you should also be aware of the road laws and regulations in the UK. These will help you prevent violations that may interrupt your travel.

For your Gatwick Airport car hire needs, visit the Choice Vehicle Rentals website or call us on 01293 825149.

Driving Licence Categories in the UK


There are different categories of a driving licence in the United Kingdom. The categories are as follows:


  • Category B

Licence holders are allowed to drive vehicles up to 3,500kg maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) with maximum of 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg). You can also have a heavier trailer as long as the combined weight of the vehicle and the trailer is not more than 3,500kg.

  • Category B auto

Almost the same specifications as Category B but drivers with this type of licence are allowed to drive an automatic vehicle.

  • Category B+E

Drivers are allowed to drive a Category B vehicle with a weight of more than 3,500 kg.


  • Category C1

Drivers who have a licence under this category can drive vehicles between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg, with a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • Category C1+E

Licence holders are allowed to drive vehicles with a trailer over 750kg, with a combined weight of not more than 12,000 kg. The trailer, when fully loaded, is not allowed to weigh more than the vehicle.


  • Category C

Includes vehicles over 3,500 kg with a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • Category C+E

Allows Category C vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg.


  • Category D1

This category is allowed to drive vehicles with a trailer up to 750 kg and with the number of passenger seats not exceeding 16, with a maximum length of 8 metres.

  • Category D1+E

Licence holders are allowed to drive Category D1 vehicles with a trailer over 750kg, with a combined weight not more than 12,000 kg. The trailer when fully loaded should not weigh more than the vehicle.


  • Category D

Drivers with this licence are allowed to drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats and with a trailer of up to 750 kg.

  • Category D+E

This licence category includes Category D vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg.


UK nationals do not normally have identity cards, using their driving licences as identity cards for both driving and non-driving context. Drivers should be familiar with the categories of driving licence to avoid any act against the law.

Being aware of the limitations of your licence can also help you to decide which type of vehicle to rent from Brighton Car Hire. You can contact us on 01273 819 303 to learn more. You may also send your enquiries to brighton@choicevehiclerentals.com.

Experience Brighton Festivals with Choice Vehicle Rentals

Brighton festival

Brighton is a town on the South Coast of Great Britain that celebrates various world-class festivals annually. People come from far and wide to be part of these celebrations. Here are two major festivals in Brighton that are best attended using rented cars:

This festival is the biggest and boldest arts festival in the UK that happens in May of every year. This annual event started in 1965 as a part of the Federation of Brighton Student’s Arts-Rag Week. It enjoyed a record-breaking number of attendees in 2006, with over 500,000 people soaking in the atmosphere.

The Brighton Festival features:

  • Children’s parade including pyrotechnics, theatre, music, literature and visual arts throughout the city
  • An Artist Open House where artists and craftspeople open their houses for public viewing
  • World premiere of new jobs from companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre
  • Encouragement of Cross-fertilisation between different art forms such as “Stories in Motion” – 2006, a multimedia collaboration between Chuck Palahniuk, Irvin Welsh and Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll

The Brighton Festival is a creative lavishness of world-class entertainment. Every year, they have artistic guest directors who present and share their contribution in the arts field.


Brighton Fringe is England’s largest festival and one of the biggest Fringe festivals in the world. It is annually held in Brighton, England during May. The festival started in 1967, with a main objective of promoting local artists and the arts. It affords performers the opportunity to become noticed by promoters and later on to go to Edinburgh.

Brighton Fringe features:

  • The Professional Development Programme that offers workshops to aspiring performers
  • On-street box office – a physical base for arts events and a hub for promoters and performers
  • Brighton in the Square, where talents of Brighton Fringe performers are showcased
  • Dip your toe project – features performances in six custom-built Victorian Bathing machines
  • “Window” – a scheme supported by the Arts Council England showcasing productions suitable for touring

Brighton Fringe is the city’s answer to Edinburgh, offering the perfect complement of cabaret, comedy, classical concerts, club nights, theatre, exhibitions and more from its vast programmes.

These two major festivals are proof that Brighton is a worthy destination to include in your travel plans. You can come with your family and friends to have fun.

Rent a vehicle from Choice Vehicle Rentals to have a comfortable trip to Brighton. We have branches across the UK, including van hire Brighton. For inquiries, call us on 01273 819 303.

Image source: http://www.bugvideos.co.uk/Attachments/002512/BF%20stone%20pc.JPG

Driving Laws and Practices in the UK

driving laws and praactices

If you’re from overseas and you are planning to drive in the United Kingdom, you should be aware of these driving laws and practices:

  1. A person must be at least 17 years old and should carry a full legal driving licence issued from your own country to be able to drive in the UK. You should carry your driving licence with you wherever you go.

Note: A beginner’s (temporary) driving licence issued abroad is not applicable in the UK.

  1. Speed cameras are typically present all over the UK. There are particular speed limits imposed in every area:
Built up areas Up to 30 mph (48kph)
Single Carriageways Up to 60 mph (96 kph)
Motorways and Dual Carriageways Up to 70 mph (112 kph)
  1. There are different classifications of roads in the UK. These are used to lead drivers to reach their destination.
  • Motorways – Also known as ‘Special Roads’, some types of traffic are not permitted.
  • A roads – They give major transport connections within or between areas.
  • B roads – They link various areas and supply traffic amid A roads and minor roads in the network.
  • Classified Unnumbered – Sometimes referred to as C roads, they are minor roads that link unclassified roads with A and B roads. They frequently link a village or community to the remaining parts of the network.
  • Unclassified – Local roads that serve local traffic, about 60% of roads in the UK are included in this group.
  1. Never use a handheld phone or any related gadget whilst driving, as it is against the law. Furthermore, it is also unlawful to use the car horn when the vehicle is at a halt. An exception will be given for vehicles with an anti-theft device or when you are in danger because of another vehicle.
  1. Children who are 12 years old and below or those who are less than 135 cm should use the proper child restraint.
  1. Seatbelts must be worn by both the driver and the passengers (front and rear) at all times.
  1. There are numerous parking rules and regulations imposed across the UK, particularly in the cities. Illegal parking might lead to expensive fines, wheel clamping and/or towing at the driver’s expense.
  1. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. The acceptable level of alcohol in the driver’s blood is only 0.8%.

Being familiar with these basic laws and practices in the UK is necessary, especially if you are from abroad and are planning to hire a car in the UK.

Choice Vehicle Rentals offers car hire Sussex services in different parts of the UK including Brighton, Gatwick, Crawley Eastbourne, Hove, Hove West and Uckfield. Please visit our website for more information.