Where to Go in Brighton

Are you planning to explore Brighton using a rental vehicle? Review the Choice Vehicle Rentals fleet, a car hire Brighton provider. Here are some places that we recommend you visit and some activities we just know you will enjoy in and around Brighton:

1. Brighton Festival

1.	Brighton Festival

With over 400 events, this annual arts festival gives the locals and tourists in Brighton something to celebrate. Held in May of each year, this 23-day festival of visual art, film, theatre, music, dance, style and fun is invariably opened with the children’s parade.

2. Brighton Toy and Model Museum

2.	Brighton Toy and Model Museum

This Museum exhibits over 10,000 toys. Featuring an extensive collection of locomotive models, railway scenes, dioramas, puppets, cars and stuffed toys, Brighton Toy and Model Museum is ideally located under Brighton Station. It is open every Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm and every Saturday, from 11am to 5pm.

3. Royal Pavilion

3.	Royal Pavilion

Exotic and imposing, this building sits at the centre of Brighton. The Royal Pavilion also accommodates special events, such as weddings. A tour of this structural will open your eyes to the extravagant life of King George IV. Including a gift shop for souvenirs, it is open every April to September, from 9:30am to 5:45pm and from 10am to 5:15pm, from October to March. Tour tickets are available at £11.50 for adults and £6.20 for children (5-15 years old).

4. Brighton Racecourse

4.	Brighton Racecourse

Hosting some of the biggest horse races in Brighton, it is also known for the spectacular view of the English Channel. Other big events are held at the racecourse including circus shows, live music, fairs, exhibitions, food and drink events and family fun day events. The racing venue is open according to each event.

5. Brighton Wheel

5.	Brighton Wheel

Brighton Wheel stands in front of the town’s port. Standing at 150 ft., the wheel is situated just a few minutes away from the Royal Pavilion. Offering a stunning panoramic view of Brighton’s seaport and landmarks, the private capsules can accommodate 8 people. VIP capsules are available that can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Brighton Wheel is open from 10am to 9pm, every Sunday to Thursday and 10am to 11pm, every Friday to Saturday.

Tip: It is better to book your ticket online because they are discounted.

Choice Vehicle Rentals offers a wide range of vehicles that will surely fit your taste and budget. For more details about our vehicle rental service, please call 01323 520353.


Different Categories of Vehicles for Hire

categories of cars for hire The vehicles from Choice Vehicle Rentals, a Brighton car hire provider, are available in various categories. Here are some of them:


Typical Cars: VW Polo, Vauxhall Corsa, Fiat Punto Vehicles that fall under this category are suitable for two persons going on an excursion for a short period of time. The boot does not afford as much space as other vehicles.


Typical Cars: VW Golf, Vauxhall Astra, Peugeot 308, Ford Focus These are vehicles that can cater to a maximum of 4 passengers. With a boot that can capacitate two large suitcases, these cars are either two-door or four-door models that are comfortable to use at 80 to 90mph.


Typical Cars: Renault, Vauxhall Vectra, VW Passat, Audi A4 The intermediate category includes cars that can cater to 4 passengers, with enough space for luggage. These vehicles are perfect to hire if you are going on holiday.


Typical Cars: Vauxhall Signum, Mercedes C-class, Peugeot 607 Full-size cars are smaller cars. They are for people who are looking for a vehicle that has a beautiful exterior rather than a huge interior. This category is recommended if you are travelling alone or with 1 single passenger.


Typical cars (Available in three sizes): Compact – Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf; Mid-size – VW Passat, Vectra; and Full-size – Volvo V70 Wagons provide a larger space for luggage compared to sedans. Most station wagons have a retractable cover that will expose the gear once it is pulled out. A compact wagon can carry up to 3 passengers, while mid-size and full-size wagons can both hold up to 4 passengers. The only difference between the two is the size of their luggage compartment.


Typical Cars: Vauxhall, Skoda, VW, Ford, S-Class Mercedes, 7-series BMW, Audi A8 The first thing to expect when renting a luxury car is its price. Of course, the satisfaction you will get from one of these cars is incomparable. People usually hire luxury cars for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and reunions or for business events. Have you decided which type of vehicle to hire? Call Choice Vehicle Rentals on 01273-819-303 for further details.

Terms and Conditions: Charges and Costs at Choice Vehicle Rentals

terms and condition at choice

The terms and conditions of Choice Vehicle Rentals, a Brighton car hire service provider in the UK, are related to the costs, charges and interest on any monies due.

With the car hire services from Choice Vehicle Rentals, there will be an agreement to pay the following costs and charges:


  • All car hire charges incurred until the hirer returns the keys and the car to the lessor.
  • A cleaning charge due to the condition of the vehicle when it is returned.
  • 75% of the daily rental charge for any type of vehicle that can no longer be rented due to an accident or loss. This should be paid, provided that the hirer did not agree to take CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) or when the CDW terms have been broken. This charge will be imposed until the lessor has paid in total or until the vehicle repair is completed.
  • A £100.00 administration charge used to shoulder the expenses related to unauthorised drivers, in addition to any extra expenses incurred by the lessor.
  • A £50.00 charge for any credit card/cheque payment that is returned unpaid. Aside from this, an 8% interest on top of the Bank of England’s base rate (at the time of hire) will be incurred per occurrence. This is applicable in the event that the remaining amounts are not paid within 7 days from the date of invoice.
  • An administration charge of £50.00 for evading any penalty or congestion charge notice. This will be applied to every particular notice.


  • The total cost related to the use of the wrong fuel in the rental vehicle. It also includes any associated costs as a result of running the rental vehicle out of fuel.
  • The cost required to reprogram new keys in case they are lost or stolen and/or the cost of changing all the vehicle locks.
  • The fixing cost or replacing cost of any deflated/damaged tyres and wheels.
  • The additional cost regarding the damage caused to every third party property or any further cost concerning any car hire-related incident/accident, the windscreen and accessories thereon.
  • The cost of sending back any vehicle that has been utilised beyond the area of Great Britain.

Note: If a vehicle is utilised beyond the area of Great Britain, a return travel ticket should be acquired. In case of accident or failure, the ticket needs to be left with the vehicle.

For further enquiries regarding the terms and conditions of Choice Vehicle Rentals, please visit our website or contact us on 01273 819303.

Driving Licence Categories in the UK


There are different categories of a driving licence in the United Kingdom. The categories are as follows:


  • Category B

Licence holders are allowed to drive vehicles up to 3,500kg maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) with maximum of 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg). You can also have a heavier trailer as long as the combined weight of the vehicle and the trailer is not more than 3,500kg.

  • Category B auto

Almost the same specifications as Category B but drivers with this type of licence are allowed to drive an automatic vehicle.

  • Category B+E

Drivers are allowed to drive a Category B vehicle with a weight of more than 3,500 kg.


  • Category C1

Drivers who have a licence under this category can drive vehicles between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg, with a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • Category C1+E

Licence holders are allowed to drive vehicles with a trailer over 750kg, with a combined weight of not more than 12,000 kg. The trailer, when fully loaded, is not allowed to weigh more than the vehicle.


  • Category C

Includes vehicles over 3,500 kg with a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • Category C+E

Allows Category C vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg.


  • Category D1

This category is allowed to drive vehicles with a trailer up to 750 kg and with the number of passenger seats not exceeding 16, with a maximum length of 8 metres.

  • Category D1+E

Licence holders are allowed to drive Category D1 vehicles with a trailer over 750kg, with a combined weight not more than 12,000 kg. The trailer when fully loaded should not weigh more than the vehicle.


  • Category D

Drivers with this licence are allowed to drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats and with a trailer of up to 750 kg.

  • Category D+E

This licence category includes Category D vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg.


UK nationals do not normally have identity cards, using their driving licences as identity cards for both driving and non-driving context. Drivers should be familiar with the categories of driving licence to avoid any act against the law.

Being aware of the limitations of your licence can also help you to decide which type of vehicle to rent from Brighton Car Hire. You can contact us on 01273 819 303 to learn more. You may also send your enquiries to brighton@choicevehiclerentals.com.

Damage Waiver at Choice Vehicle Rentals

car for hire

Collision Damage Property is technically not an insurance but a waiver of responsibility. It is an optional damage coverage available when renting a vehicle. In the United Kingdom, CDW is a legal requirement included in the basic rental rate. By purchasing this, you will not be accountable for any loss or damage in case of an accident, depending on the company’s terms and agreement.

Choice Vehicle Rentals includes CDW but it is not valid unless prepaid and will not in any event be valid if the terms of this agreement are broken.

In the event of the accident or incident involving the hired vehicle, regardless of there being any damage, the hirer and any driver shall:

  • Notify the company at the earliest opportunity and before the expiry of the contract.
  • Ensure that the company has a completed accident report form within 7 days of any accident or incident.
  • In any event of an accident, be particular of all the individuals involved.
  • Notify the police immediately.
  • Do not admit any liability or blame.
  • Pay all appropriate excesses in full before the end of the hire period.
  • Keep the copy of all the documents in relation to the accident.
  • Settle any payment that is made to the third party when the company has not been informed of any accident or incident as above or the applicable excess has not been paid.

Exclusions to CDW

  • Damage to the hirer’s or drivers’ own property in which the driver or the hirer has an interest.
  • Damage caused while the vehicle is being used off the public roads. Damage to the under body or roof of the vehicle.
  • Reckless damage by the hirer or his associate.
  • Damage caused while the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Damage caused by any person not stated on the hire agreement.

Always make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations when hiring a vehicle. By following all the terms and conditions of Choice Vehicle Rentals regarding CDW, you will be insured for any accident or incident. Still, it is always better to be careful when you are driving.

To discover the list of vehicles available from Choice Vehicle Rentals, you can contact us on 01273 819 303. You can also check car hire Brighton or email us at brighton@choicevehiclerentals.com