Beware: Common Rental Scams

Rental scam

Renting a vehicle is beneficial for people who are planning to travel or to go on a business trip. However, those who need to hire a vehicle have to look for a reliable Brighton van hire provider to avoid the following rental scams.


Extra-low front fares

Rental companies commonly offer almost the same price range. Do not entertain extremely low offers because they can lead to expensive and inadvertent upgrades later on. The company could also require you to pay “hidden charges” after you have signed the agreement or contract. It is best to ask for the breakdown of things included in their package or special offers before entrusting in their services.

Unnecessary add-ons

Some companies require clients to buy add-ons like insurance. According to research, additional insurance coverage is often unnecessary because it just duplicates the insurance that you already have. For example, you have insurances like supplemental liability protection, collision damage waiver, personal effects coverage and accident insurance. All of these have different insurance titles and payments, yet they cover the same things.

“Unlimited mileage” offer

Most rental companies offer “unlimited mileage”. This means you can use the car wherever you want to go. However, some companies use this strategy to increase your rental fees. If you want to use the vehicle for an out of town trip, you will be required to inform the company first. If they say that you have to pay extra charges, then it’s up to you if you want to continue with your use of the vehicle for your out of town trip.

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Typical Mistakes that are Committed when Hiring a Van

SWB Transit
Here are some of the most common mistakes that people commit when renting a van:

  • Not exploring your options

Customers should consider numerous things when choosing a vehicle rental company that they can trust. They should not settle for the first van rental company they come across. Try to explore more options by searching for the rates of various vehicle companies online. Read reviews about the companies that you are considering. Reviews will let you know whether the previous clients of certain companies are satisfied with their services or not.

  • Not checking the van before renting it

Checking the van that you want to rent personally will help you to avoid charges that are as a result of its pre-existing conditions. You should check if the van is clean, if its engine is in good condition, if the tint is still okay, etc. Make sure that the van is safe to use and is still functioning at its best before renting it from the company. This will help you to avoid future complications.

  • Not checking for hidden fees

There are some van rental companies that offer vehicles with hidden charges. Hidden charges include service charges, payments for extra features and so on. Choose a van rental company that is transparent with its extra mileage fees, taxes and other charges so that you can budget and prepare your money beforehand.

  • Not cleaning the van before returning it

Some companies charge additional fees for vehicles that are returned un-cleaned. However, you must be considerate to the company at the same time. Clean the vehicle before returning it to the vehicle rental company.

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Ford Transit Luton Van: An Ideal House Mover

Ford Transit Luton Van

The Ford Transit Luton van is a classic and an ideal mover of household furniture and other heavy appliances.

What is a Luton Body Type of Van?

A Luton body type of van is a kind of commercial vehicle integrating an enclosed large box body fitted on the back, that extends over the cab. Today, a Luton body type of van can be assembled and tailored to the chassis of other models, like the Ford Transit.

Why is a Ford Transit Luton Van ideal for house movers?

The size and the loading capacity is the one of the most important things to consider when choosing a vehicle to move house.

The Ford Transit Luton Van is excellent for bulky objects such as furniture, large boxes and heavy equipment that is often associated with relocating to a new home.

It is a larger type of van that has a greater load space compared to a pick-up truck. Despite the fact that a pick-up truck is commonly used in moving household items, the size and the loading capacity of a Luton van is obviously greater than a pick-up truck.

Luton Van Single Cab Pick-up Truck Double Cab Pick-up Truck
Payload 1050 kg 1031 kg 913 kg
Size (internal length) 3.93 metres 3.20 metres 2.85 metres

Based on these statistics, we can see that the Luton van is larger in size and has a greater loading capacity.

In comparison with an extra-long wheel base van, you’ll see that a Luton van still has more space to offer. In the table below, you’ll see the differences between a Luton van and an extra-long wheel base van, in terms of dimensions.

Luton Van Extra-long Wheel Base Van
External Height 3.30 metres 2.55 metres
External Length 6.70 metres 6.55 metres
Internal Height 2.18 metres 1.85 metres
Internal Width 1.95 metres 1.75 metres
Internal length 3.93 metres 4.00 metres

Though they don’t always provide as much internal length as an extra-long wheel base van, they offer greater width and height.

The entire load compartment is typically above the wheels of the rear part of the vehicle. Thus, the rear wheel arches do not hinder during the loading process.

Other Features

Some of the other features of a Luton van include the following:

  • Slam shut lockable uPVC slat shutter – wide slat shutter gives maximum internal headroom
  • Internal emergency door release – allows rear shutter to be raised if inadvertently locked from the outside
  • Full height internal access grab handle – can be used as a support while stepping on the rear step
  • Internal side wall mounted load restrain rails – include load anchourage points located in the lower rail
  • Full width aluminium rear step – provides a wider space to step, while loading or unloading

Where to hire a Ford Transit Luton Van?

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