7 Pieces of Basic Car Terminology That Every Driver Should Know

Car Jargons

Those who want to use car hire Gatwick services should first know the commonly used car terminology. The following points will give you an idea about which car is good for you.

  1. ABS (Anti-Locking Braking System)

ABS allows the driver to steer the wheel even on a full break.

  1. CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a gas that comes out from the car’s exhaust. CO2 is responsible for climate change. According to Gov.UK the lower the CO2 emission, the cheaper the car tax will be.

  1. Cruise Control

Cruise Control is a technology that allows the driver to set a fixed speed, even when their foot is off the accelerator. This electronic system is great for a long drive. It helps the driver to overcome fatigue. (Source: Private fleet)

  1. Fog Lights

Fog lights are additional lights on the rear and front of a vehicle. These are specially designed to support the driver’s vision during bad weather.  (Source: danielsternlighting)

  1. Immobiliser

An immobiliser is a piece of technology that prevents thieves from stealing your car. According to Simple Monitoring, it is an anti-theft device that prevents the engine from starting without the key.

  1. Transmission

There are two types of transmissions: Manual and Automatic transmission.

A. Manual Transmission

This transmission is also referred to as stick shift. Manual transmission requires the driver to step on the clutch before changing the gear with the shifter.

B. Automatic Transmission

Most vehicle transmissions today are automatic. Unlike manual, the drive does not need to step on the clutch. (Source: The car connection)

  1. Catalytic Converter

According to Simplemonitoring, a catalytic converter is a part of a vehicle that controls and converts harmful gas emissions into less harmful gases.

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Starting your Journey from Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport

If you have just arrived at Gatwick Airport, a car rental Gatwick service provider is just what you need to help you get in and around the Gatwick area. There are lots of things to see and do!

1st stop: Guildford Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit, Guilford is a good place to start your journey. One of the architectural masterpieces of Sir Edward Maufe, it took 25 years to construct due to the interruption of World War II. With a height of 160 feet and of a Gothic style, the interior of the cathedral may be defined as noble and subtle. It has 12 classic bells, with the largest weighing in at about 1.5 tonnes. The cathedral has a beautiful garden named Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden.

2nd stop: Jerwood Gallery

If you want to learn more about British culture and arts, you can visit Jerwood Gallery. A contemporary museum located in Hastings, East Sussex, it was opened in March 2012.  Operated by the Jerwood Foundation, the gallery boasts an exhibition and collection from the following artists:

  • Rose Wylie – a British painter and a representative in the National Museum of Women in the Arts in 2010.
  • Philip Guston – a well-known abstract expressionist in 1950.
  • Marlow Moss – a British constructivist artist during the early 1900s.
  • Sir Quentin Saxby Blake – an English cartoonist, writer and illustrator that was inaugurated as Children’s Laureate in 1999-2001.

3rd stop: Chessington World of Adventure

It’s time to have fun! Chessington World of Adventure combines a zoo, a theme park and a hotel complex. Located in Central London, England, this adventure haven was opened in 1987.

  • Zoo

Featuring over 1,000 animals including sea lions, gorillas, lions, tigers, etc., the zoo is divided into different areas including Sealion Bay, Penguin Bay, Sea Life Centre, etc.

  • Theme Park

The theme park area houses the Pirates Cove, Forbidden Kingdom, Market Square and Mexicana. It offers different rides and attractions including Dragon’s Fury, Scorpion Express, Black Buccaneer, Monkey Swinger and a lot more.

  • Hotel Complex

Chessington has two on-site hotels: Safari Hotel and Azteca Hotel.

4th stop: Shopping Centre

Of course, an escapade will not be complete without shopping. There are three popular shopping centres near Gatwick airport. These are:

  • Guildford

Lined with cobbled streets, Guildford’s shops display clothes, books and home decors. There are also restaurants and bars near the area.

  • Lewes

A small yet progressive place for shoppers, all the items that you are looking for are widely available within the area.

  • Royal Tunbridge Wells

Home to high quality boutiques, antique shops, bars and cafes, you can shop til you drop for jewellery, designer clothes and different gift choices in the Royal Tunbridge Wells.

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Image source: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02845/gatwick_2845146b.jpg

Road Tips for Car Rental Drivers at Gatwick


Are you planning to use car rental Gatwick services for convenient transportation? Here are some Gatwick road driving tips that you should follow to avoid vehicular accidents or collision:

Before and after moving the car


  • Make sure that the road is clear before actually moving out.
  • Using the signal lights could help, especially at night.
  • Once you have moved, make sure you stay in the left lane, except if you are planning to overtake or cross the road.
  • Take full control of the car. If possible, use both hands on the wheel.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. You should be aware of other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists on the road to avoid accidents.
  • Selecting a lower gear on long downhill slopes will help you control your speed and the car better.

In road junctions

  • You must watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists as they may not be aware that you are approaching from behind.
  • Take note that long vehicles that are about to turn at a junction could use the whole width of the road in order to make the turn. Try to maintain a safe distance.
  • For junctions with a “stop” sign or a solid white line across the road, the driver must remember to stop and wait for a safe gap in the traffic before moving off.

At roundabouts

  • Be mindful of the traffic signs, traffic lights and lane markings for these will lead you into the correct lane. They will also help you to know which exit to take.
  • Use signal lights to avoid causing confusion to other road users when approaching the exit. Do not swerve.
  • Upon reaching the roundabout, you must give priority to the traffic approaching from your right.

It is always important to practice safe driving, not just for your own safety but for other drivers as well.

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Guidelines for Hiring a Vehicle at Gatwick Airport


Some travellers, especially those who are from overseas, are not knowledgeable about Gatwick Airport car hire. This article can serve as your guide to avoiding any form of hassle when hiring a vehicle at Gatwick Airport.

  • Search for car hire companies online

Numerous companies offer Gatwick Airport car hire. Most of them have their own websites that provides details and step by step procedures on how to book the vehicle that you want online. You will also be able to browse the available cars along with their prices and the payment methods that they accommodate.

  • Be honest with your prospective car hire company

Once you have chosen a car hire company, give them all the details and information that they need for the contract or for the papers. Some companies have age limits or others require extra charges for drivers who are under 25. They will also require certain documents from you, such as your driver’s license and other forms of ID. If you are from overseas, some companies require an international driving licence and passport.

  • Choose the car that will suit your needs and preferences

You can choose from a wide variety of cars for hire at Gatwick Airport. Choice Vehicle Rentals, a company that offers Gatwick car hire, provides different types of estate cars, vans, minibuses, etc. Consider the number and size of your luggage/s when choosing a vehicle to hire. If you are travelling with your family or friends, it is best to hire a van or minibus.

  • Check the terms and conditions

Make sure that you have understood the terms and conditions of the car hire company. This will inform you about the charges, the fuel and mileage limit, responsibilities of the driver and the restrictions and rules regarding the vehicle. Furthermore, some companies pass on airport surcharges to their customers as they are being charged by the airport for using their facilities.

  • Inspect the car for possible damage

If you will collect the vehicle from Gatwick Airport, take a couple of minutes to inspect the vehicle for any possible damage. In case any damage is found, report it right away to the car hire company for documentation. You may also get a signature from the car hire company in Gatwick Airport for verification.

Aside from these things, you should also be aware of the road laws and regulations in the UK. These will help you prevent violations that may interrupt your travel.

For your Gatwick Airport car hire needs, visit the Choice Vehicle Rentals website or call us on 01293 825149.

Tips and Guidelines When Driving on Motorways Using Your Rental Car


Rental car drivers should be aware of the traffic regulations when driving on motorways to avoid violating the traffic rules. The UK government enforces the Highway Code with several guidelines including:

  • The speed limit on a motorway is much faster than on other roads. Drivers should stay alert to avoid vehicular accidents.

  • There are no traffic lights on motorways because they do not have intersections. They do, however, have signal lights that serve as a warning to drivers if the road ahead is foggy, has spillage, etc. Signals on the central reservation of the motorway apply to all vehicles:

    • Amber flashing lights – serve as warning signs of hazards ahead and are usually used to show temporary maximum speed limits on certain occasions. They sometimes show warning information such as “fog” or “lanes are closed”.

    • Red flashing lights – can be seen above a certain lane showing an ‘X’ sign. This means that the driver must not go beyond the flashing lights in that lane.

  • There are certain rules that the driver should follow when entering or joining the motorway. Here are some of them.

    • The driver must give way to the passing vehicles because they are driving at a much higher speed than those vehicles that are about to enter the motorway.

    • The driver should not cross the white lines that separate the lanes in courtesy to the vehicle behind.

    • The driver must adjust his speed before overtaking another vehicle.

  • While driving on the motorway, the driver should remember the following:

    • The driver should drive in a steady manner and within the speed limit.

    • The driver should remain a safe distance away from the vehicle in front. The distance should be increased if the roads are wet or icy or if it is foggy.

    • If the driver misses their exit, they should carry on to the next exit.

  • Switch lanes when necessary, especially if you are approaching a junction which usually leads to an exit.

  • The hard shoulder should not be used for overtaking. It is only used for emergencies or breakdowns.

  • There is no stopping at any point on a motorway, except in emergency situations.

  • Motorways are not for pedestrians. Picking up or setting down on any part of the motorway is not allowed except in emergency situations.

  • Upon exiting the motorway, the driver should remember the following:

    • The driver should let other vehicles know that he/she is going to exit from the motorway by using signal lights.

    • The driver should move into left-hand lane well before reaching the exit.

    • Reduce speed on the slip road.

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