Choice Vehicle Rentals: 3 Pickup Trucks for Hire

Choice Vehicle Rentals doesn’t just offer van hire Eastbourne services, they also offer pickup trucks for hire. Here are the 3 pick-up trucks that you can hire from Choice Vehicle Rentals:

  1. FORD TRANSIT 350 Double Cab Truck

1 FORD TRANSIT 350 Double Cab Truck

The size of this 350 DRW transit is 5931 mm x 1974 mm x 2018 mm (length x width x height). It has electric windows and central locking for security. It can accommodate 6 passengers – three in front and three in the middle. All seats are fitted with 3-point seat belts. This Ford Transit is diesel-powered, has power steering and is complete with a 6-speed transmission gearbox. It also comes with a CD player.



This Transit 350 MWB Ford Tipper truck is a diesel-powered truck with 6-speed manual transmission. It is also utilises power steering. With a fuel capacity 80 litres, the trucks dimensions are 5686 mm x 2130 mm x 2170 millimetres. Accommodating up to 3 passengers, all seats are fitted with a 3-point seat belt. With a central locking security feature, it also has a CD player and front electric windows.



This 350 LWB EF Ford Truck has 3 seating capacity. With a size of 6.528m x 2.142 (l x w), the load length capacity of this truck is 4.05 metres, with an internal width of 2.081 metres. Diesel powered, this truck provides power steering with manual transmission.

All fees cover unlimited mileage, insurance, VAT and road tax. To learn more about Choice Vehicle Rentals and how we can help solve all your truck hire dilemmas, please call 01323 520353 and speak to one of our friendly advisors. Happy trucking!!


Parking in Eastbourne: An Essential Factor to Consider before Hiring a Vehicle

parking in Eastbourne

When you visit a new place or an area with a vehicle, one of the first things that you’ll look for is the car park. Before availing car hire Eastbourne, it will be favourable if you know about the different car parks, parking permits, fines and other things related to parking in Eastbourne.

On-Street Parking

In Eastbourne, the on-street parking zones and charges are administered by the East Sussex County Council (ESCC). Eastbourne has various types of bays in the controlled parking zones. There are signs adjacent to the bays that indicate their type and the time limits. You may park in “pay & display bays” when you present a valid pay and display ticket. Alternatively, you may use the cashless parking mobile phone service that is set up in some areas of Eastbourne. The shared use bays cover the time limited, pay & display parking and permit holders.

Here is a table that may serve as your guide:

Town Centre zones A, G, M and S Monday to Saturday (8am to 6pm)
Sea Front zone N, part of zone S and Wilmington Square Monday to Sunday (8am to 6pm)
Rodmill zones J and R Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm)

Parking Permit

The parking permit depends if you are a resident, a visitor or an entrepreneur whose business is located within the CPA (Controlled Parking Area). For residents and their visitors, they can buy two virtual parking permits. For businesses, a maximum of six parking permits may be issued. Overnight guests of hotels and guesthouses are allowed to park in the CPA during their stay. They can request a parking permit online.

Car Parks in Eastbourne

The ESCC handles several car parks in Eastbourne. Some other car parks are managed privately including all the multi-storey car parks in Eastbourne. The information about the car parks may be seen on Parkopedia and the VisitEastbourne website.

Parking Fines

If you receive a parking ticket, it means that you will be required to pay a certain fee to cover the parking fine. You will need the details on the ticket when paying a fine online. The parking ticket number in Eastbourne should start with the letters VED or EBC.

Blue Badge Parking

The blue badge system is also managed by the ESCC. This system is for drivers or passengers who have critical mobility difficulties or are listed as blind. It grants permission to park close to where they are going. Qualified people may include children and adults or organisations that can use disabled parking bays and obtain various on-street parking considerations.

Now that you know these parking fundamentals in Eastbourne, your van hire Eastbourne experience will be much easier. Choice Vehicle Rentals offers a wide range of car and van hire services in Eastbourne. Please visit our website for more information.

Typical Mistakes that are Committed when Hiring a Van

SWB Transit
Here are some of the most common mistakes that people commit when renting a van:

  • Not exploring your options

Customers should consider numerous things when choosing a vehicle rental company that they can trust. They should not settle for the first van rental company they come across. Try to explore more options by searching for the rates of various vehicle companies online. Read reviews about the companies that you are considering. Reviews will let you know whether the previous clients of certain companies are satisfied with their services or not.

  • Not checking the van before renting it

Checking the van that you want to rent personally will help you to avoid charges that are as a result of its pre-existing conditions. You should check if the van is clean, if its engine is in good condition, if the tint is still okay, etc. Make sure that the van is safe to use and is still functioning at its best before renting it from the company. This will help you to avoid future complications.

  • Not checking for hidden fees

There are some van rental companies that offer vehicles with hidden charges. Hidden charges include service charges, payments for extra features and so on. Choose a van rental company that is transparent with its extra mileage fees, taxes and other charges so that you can budget and prepare your money beforehand.

  • Not cleaning the van before returning it

Some companies charge additional fees for vehicles that are returned un-cleaned. However, you must be considerate to the company at the same time. Clean the vehicle before returning it to the vehicle rental company.

Choice Vehicle Rentals offers great deals for van hire Eastbourne and other similar services in Brighton and Crawley. We also have cars and vehicles with multi-seat options for hire. Please call 01273 819303 to learn more.

Ford Transit Connect: Perfect for Small Businesses

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect combines the space and versatility of a van and the efficiency of a huge car. This van is well suited to help small businesses with their transportation needs. Here are some of its features:

  • Size

The Ford Transit Connect is tailored to the city. Even though it has a good loading capacity, it is compact enough to get you through the smaller city roads and lanes. The low height of the van allows it to fit into any parking facility.

The curb weight of the Transit Connect is just 3470 lbs. which is much lighter in comparison with a full-size van. This makes it very economical, giving about 22 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the motorways.

  • Space

The 2-seater Transit Connect Cargo Van has a large cargo area with doors all around it. It has 129 cu. ft. of cargo space. The near- vertical sidewalls and flat load floor allow you to utilise all the space effectively. It is easier to load and to unload the front half of the cargo area through the sliding doors on both sides of the van.

  • Design and Technology

The Ford Transit Connect may come equipped with Ford Work Solutions.

The Ford Work SolutionsTM1 allows you to call, compute and use the Internet. The in-dash computing system includes a wireless keyboard with a touch pad. With the installation of Crew ChiefTM service3 by MicroliseTM and the Tool LinkTM system by DEWALT® the Ford Transit Connect is equipped to track vehicle performance, while monitoring potential maintenance issues in the vehicle. Moreover, the Ford Transit Connect may be upfitted with storage systems.  This makes it more versatile than other vans.

  • Safety

The Ford Transit Connect Van may be equipped with AdvanceTrac with RSC. It is the only electronic stability control system with a vehicle-roll motion sensor. It calculates the roll rate 100 times a second. They come with an anti-lock brake system and have traction and yaw controls.

Manage your business with ease, hire a Ford Transit Connect!

Ford Transit Connect is one of the transit vans available for hire at Choice Vehicle Rentals. Our van hire Eastbourne services could be the perfect option for you. Visit our website for more details.