7 Pieces of Basic Car Terminology That Every Driver Should Know

Car Jargons

Those who want to use car hire Gatwick services should first know the commonly used car terminology. The following points will give you an idea about which car is good for you.

  1. ABS (Anti-Locking Braking System)

ABS allows the driver to steer the wheel even on a full break.

  1. CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a gas that comes out from the car’s exhaust. CO2 is responsible for climate change. According to Gov.UK the lower the CO2 emission, the cheaper the car tax will be.

  1. Cruise Control

Cruise Control is a technology that allows the driver to set a fixed speed, even when their foot is off the accelerator. This electronic system is great for a long drive. It helps the driver to overcome fatigue. (Source: Private fleet)

  1. Fog Lights

Fog lights are additional lights on the rear and front of a vehicle. These are specially designed to support the driver’s vision during bad weather.  (Source: danielsternlighting)

  1. Immobiliser

An immobiliser is a piece of technology that prevents thieves from stealing your car. According to Simple Monitoring, it is an anti-theft device that prevents the engine from starting without the key.

  1. Transmission

There are two types of transmissions: Manual and Automatic transmission.

A. Manual Transmission

This transmission is also referred to as stick shift. Manual transmission requires the driver to step on the clutch before changing the gear with the shifter.

B. Automatic Transmission

Most vehicle transmissions today are automatic. Unlike manual, the drive does not need to step on the clutch. (Source: The car connection)

  1. Catalytic Converter

According to Simplemonitoring, a catalytic converter is a part of a vehicle that controls and converts harmful gas emissions into less harmful gases.

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