Ford for Hire at Choice Vehicle Rentals

Are you a Ford lover? Our Ford vehicle range is included in our car hire Eastbourne service. These are the Ford cars that you can hire from us:

  1. FORD GALAXY 7 Seat

Ford Galaxy 7 Seat

The Ford Galaxy LX TDCI is diesel-powered, has power steering and is complete with a 5-speed transmission gearbox. It can accommodate up to 7 people.  This vehicle has electric windows and entertainment features including a radio and speakers.

Safety Features

Some of its safety features include central door locking system, immobiliser, front fog lights, seat belt pre-tensioners, centre rear seat belt and air bags (side, passenger, knee, driver and head air bags). It also has an Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). The size of this car is 1736 mm x 4820 mm x 2154 (Height x Length x Width).

Engine Performance

The Ford Galaxy LX TDCI has a 1753 engine. With CO2 emissions of 166 g/km, this vehicle has a manual transmission.

The price of renting this Ford Galaxy LX TDCI 7 Seat is £65.00. Road Tax, unlimited mileage, insurance and VAT are all included in the price.


Ford Mondeo

The FORD MONDEO ZETEC TDCI can accommodate up to 5 people – 2 seats in front and 3 seats in the back. It also includes a spacious boot. It has 16-inch aluminium wheels.

Engine Performance

The CO2 emissions of the FORD MONDEO ZETEC TDCI are 139g/km, with a total fuel capacity of it is 18.5 gallons or 70 litres. This vehicle is diesel-powered and has 6-speed manual transmission. The car will reach up to 124 mph with its 1753cc engine.

Safety Features

This vehicle includes the Intelligent Protection System, a remote central locking system, an immobiliser, centre rear seat belt, ABS, stability control, parking sensors and front fog lights.

Interior Features

The FORD MONDEO ZETEC TDCI has a leather steering wheel, automatic (electric) windows, cup holders, arm rests, radio, CD player and Bluetooth.

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Thrifty Reminders when Renting a Vehicle

thrifty reminders

Renting a vehicle can help you save a lot of money but you could save a lot more if you follow these thrifty reminders:

  • Avoid Sunday rentals

Picking up vehicles on Sundays is more expensive compared to renting from Monday to Saturday. Most rental companies in the UK, like Gatwick Car Hire, are closed throughout Sunday. If you are going on a weekend trip, schedule to pick up the vehicle on a Friday or Saturday.

  • Book early

Book the vehicle that you want to rent as soon as you have finalised your holiday plans. There are companies that give discounts or packages to early birds. You can book a vehicle from Choice Vehicle Rentals via their website.

  • Know the difference between full-size and large cars

People are often confused with the differences between full-size and large cars. Full-size cars have less seating capacity compared to large cars. The latter can cater to 5 passengers and has enough space for luggage. However, the former is better when it comes to the exterior appearance. So if you are going on a long trip with your family, it is better to choose a large car instead of a full-size car.

  • Choose diesel engine vehicles

Choose a diesel engine vehicle if you want to save more on fuel costs. These vehicles are not noisy smelly or under-powered.

  • Always return the car with a full tank of fuel

Do not return the vehicle with an empty tank because the rental company can charge you twice or even thrice the amount of the fuel you actually used.

  • Take advantage of discounts

There are rental companies that offer discounts. If you find a deal, grab it as soon as possible to save more money.

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Driving Licence Categories in the UK


There are different categories of a driving licence in the United Kingdom. The categories are as follows:


  • Category B

Licence holders are allowed to drive vehicles up to 3,500kg maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) with maximum of 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg). You can also have a heavier trailer as long as the combined weight of the vehicle and the trailer is not more than 3,500kg.

  • Category B auto

Almost the same specifications as Category B but drivers with this type of licence are allowed to drive an automatic vehicle.

  • Category B+E

Drivers are allowed to drive a Category B vehicle with a weight of more than 3,500 kg.


  • Category C1

Drivers who have a licence under this category can drive vehicles between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg, with a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • Category C1+E

Licence holders are allowed to drive vehicles with a trailer over 750kg, with a combined weight of not more than 12,000 kg. The trailer, when fully loaded, is not allowed to weigh more than the vehicle.


  • Category C

Includes vehicles over 3,500 kg with a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • Category C+E

Allows Category C vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg.


  • Category D1

This category is allowed to drive vehicles with a trailer up to 750 kg and with the number of passenger seats not exceeding 16, with a maximum length of 8 metres.

  • Category D1+E

Licence holders are allowed to drive Category D1 vehicles with a trailer over 750kg, with a combined weight not more than 12,000 kg. The trailer when fully loaded should not weigh more than the vehicle.


  • Category D

Drivers with this licence are allowed to drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats and with a trailer of up to 750 kg.

  • Category D+E

This licence category includes Category D vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg.


UK nationals do not normally have identity cards, using their driving licences as identity cards for both driving and non-driving context. Drivers should be familiar with the categories of driving licence to avoid any act against the law.

Being aware of the limitations of your licence can also help you to decide which type of vehicle to rent from Brighton Car Hire. You can contact us on 01273 819 303 to learn more. You may also send your enquiries to