Top 3 Driving Violations Committed in the UK

Top 3 Driving Violations

Car hire Sussex services should be enjoyed with these top 3 UK driving violations in mind.

  1. Speeding

According to Sky News, almost 50,000 drivers in 2014 (nearly 1,000 drivers a week) were guilty of breaking the speed limit. Most drivers were spotted through the fixed speed cameras (62%), policemen with roadside cameras (22%) and policemen without a camera (10%). A motorist driving at a speed of 70mph will automatically be issued with a speeding fine, while those travelling at speeds of up to 96mph will likely receive a court summons.

  1. Parking Violation

Those who have committed parking violations will usually get a ticket from the local authorities, policemen or even private companies. There are three common types of parking tickets: Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) and Excess or Standard Charge Notices. You will be given 28 days to pay these parking tickets. The fee will continue to increase if you do not settle the fine according to the due date. The rates of these parking fines vary. (Source:

  1. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

In the UK, almost 3,000 drink driving-related accidents occur each year. (Source: NoPenalty Points). Drink driving wreaks havoc on the roads and will incur high fines and penalties. The usual fine is around £5000 plus three years of licence disqualification. Severe cases of drink driving may even result in 3 months to 14 years of imprisonment.

To fully understand the different driving offences, penalties and associated penalty points in the UK, please read the penalty table issued by the UK Government.

Every driver must avoid these driving offences, especially if you are using a rental vehicle. For car user-friendly rental services, please call Choice Vehicle Rentals on 01273 819 303.